Menu and diet

For growing organism of children healthy food is an important factor. So, it is essential to use right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and microspheres, as those are the key elements that contribute to the growth and development of the child. Indeed, each parent want his child to properly eat. By bringing your child to Kid's House, you can be sure that your children will eat healthy food.

At Kids House kids eat 4 times a day. 


Menu and diet
Menu Kids House

Eating Routine

9:35 - breakfast
12:00 - lunch
16:00 - Back lunch 1
17:50 - back-lunch 2


Fruits, vegetables, beans, granules,black and white meat, candies on the spot, salads,  and everything that your child’s growing organism needs.


Kid's house employees are very attentive and they always track the expiry date of products.
The food is made right before eating from  high quality and fresh products, under hygienic conditions. Our dishes include the following brands: